St. John's
Lutheran Church

380 Keny Blvd., London, OH 43140

We welcome you to visit St John's Lutheran Church in London Ohio. Find which service best fits your style:

Video Worship Service

This worship is a temporary service due to the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic. Click here to access the weekly video links posted on our YouTube channel.

Sunday, August 9th, 2020, TENTH SUNDAY OF PENTECOST

The Sermon

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020, NINTH SUNDAY OF PENTECOST

The Sermon

Sunday, July 26th, 2020, EIGHTH SUNDAY OF PENTECOST

The Sermon

Traditional Worship Service


lutheranTraditional Lutheran Worship done in the great tradition of the western liturgical rite.  Many parts of the liturgy are chanted.  Music is lead by our organist as we sing the wonderful hymns of the Lutheran tradition.  The setting is a little more formal than our other worship service.  This is church as you remember it if you were raised in any of the mainline denominations such as Lutheranism, Catholicism, or Episcopalian.  Communion is celebrated every week.  Worship with us in a manner that is centuries old. 

Contemporary Worship Service


This is worship that is up to the minute contemporary.  The music puts faith in the language of today.  The message is relevant and presented in a conversational style.  The atmosphere is casual where you don’t have to worry about keeping your kids strapped to the seat or putting on a dress or tie.  The service is still tied to the great tradition of the church in that we read God’s Word, profess our faith thru the words of the Apostle’s Creed, pray the Lord’s Prayer, share communion and are sent out to serve God’s world.  However, everything is done in a style that anyone can relate to - even if they’ve never been to church before in their life.  Come, relax and find out what the life of faith is all about.

Developmentally Disabled Service

3:00 PM

disabledThe DD Worship Service is a shorter version of the Lutheran liturgy, and it will be confessional.  The prayers and creeds have been rewritten and renamed, and the song choice will be songs with simple tunes and will focus on one verse and the refrain.  As with all worship services, there will be time for private and corporate prayer. 

This service is not intended to segregate persons with developmental disabilities but rather to give them an opportunity to worship in a style that makes them comfortable.  For some, worship will be a new experience, and before moving to the traditional or contemporary services, they may want to experience what it means to be Lutheran or even to be Christian. 

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